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August 2015: Dr. Helen Fisher says: "Tomorrow belongs to women." Here's why.

The Future of Women in the Workforce: The New Breadwinners

FirstSexIn her book, “The First Sex: The Natural Talents of Women and How They Are Changing the World,” social anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher explains: “Tomorrow belongs to women.” Looking back to prehistoric times, Fisher shows how the structure of the female brain enables women to do “web thinking” or “synthesis thinking,” compared to men’s more linear or “step” thinking. Using lively anecdotes and fascinating stories, Fisher reveals how women’s special talents — superior verbal abilities, people-savvy, acute senses, healing techniques, and more — are geared to success in today’s worlds of medicine, education, communications, law, philanthropy, and government. Changes in society — including the growth of the communications economy and new trends in family — also play to women’s strengths and give women an advantage.

July 2015: The Future of Work

What Will the Workforce Look Like in 2020?

“Andy Hines had us at hello. Hello future that is,” wrote the directors of TEDxHouston after Hines spoke to the audience. “Andy’s career has lead to him helping organizations integrate future thinking into their business processes and decision making.” We had the opportunity to talk to him about one of his areas of expertise: The Future of the Workforce. Click here to watch our interview on FutureInFocusTV.