Trend Reports

  • Business Trends

    The Good Business of Doing Good: The New Responsibility Imperative

    Eco-products. 100% organic. Ecologically friendly. All-natural. Fair trade. Locally grown. Green. Labels like these that indicate the commitment of a company, brand, or product to social responsibility are rampant. Although the meaning of these labels is not always formally defined, or even entirely clear, a broad and growing base of consumers now looks for — and buys — products that proclaim their virtue.Read more...
  • Emerging Trends

    Nanotechnology and Food

    Nanotechnology applications for food are under investigation and development in a variety of academic and industrial laboratories, though products are only beginning to enter the marketplace.Read more...
  • Generational Trends

    Millennials and Health: Seven Trends

    Members of the Millennial generation, born between 1979 and 1998, are 16–35 years of age in 2014. Like every generation before them, Millennials have been shaped by the parenting style of the generation that raised them (the boomers) and by a unique set of life experiences. As they head off to college, enter the workforce, and start families, Millennials are poised to bring their desires, values, and style to every aspect of society. Read more...
  • Geographic Trends

    Entomophagy: Insects as Food

    Entomophagy — the consumption of insects by humans — is an ancient practice that has fallen out of favor in some cultures in recent millennia. Yet insects (and some arachnids) are gaining new attention as a food source. Read more...