Briefs: Work + Income

A Dozen Surprises About the Future of Work

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By Dr. Andy Hines

1. Hey, that’s cheating. Augmented or enhanced human characteristics will present challenges for organizations and individual talent.

2. Emerging markets rewrite the rules of work and work culture. As emerging markets improve their positions, they will influence the culture of work.

3. Intelligence shows up in unusual places. Information technology (IT) will create new forms of intelligence that will migrate into infrastructure, devices — or persons (wearables or implants), or all of the above.Read more…

Will We All Be Using Bitcoin in the Future?


The virtual currency Bitcoin is a mere speculative bubble or a force set to transform the financial world, depending on whom one asks.

Created in 2009, Bitcoin is clearly in its early stages — and its future remains unclear. This brief explores three potential scenarios for Bitcoin, which range from outright suppression by governments to success as a mainstream currency, with the current marginal existence as a third outcome.

Because outcomes are uncertain, it is too early to say whether Bitcoin is important in the future of business. The drivers and indicators that accompany each of the three scenarios will help to suggest whether this is changing.Read more…

Personalized Pricing: Dynamic Pricing at the Point of Sale

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Personalization has slowly become the norm in a variety of industries. Advances in manufacturing, real-time customer service, recommendation engines, and other developments across the supply chain have set high expectations of personalized products and services for customers. Now, advances in analytics Paths to personalized pricing 2 and pricing algorithms are making it possible for companies to deliver personalized pricing to their customers as well.

In coming years, personalized pricing could become more common. It holds the potential to build customer loyalty, increase revenues, and give companies both more control over the price that different customers pay and the ability to base prices on a Related forecasts 10 variety of contextual data points.

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Digital Payment Futures

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There is a push underway to digitize consumer payments, led by those seeking to make the mobile phone and other personal devices into digital wallets.

To help monitor this trend and the evolving opinions about its future, we analyzed the results of a recent survey about the future of device-based payment systems conducted by the Pew Research Center. This brief presents some of the key themes that emerged from the Pew survey and synthesizes them with material from other sources to explore the future of digital money and explore implications for businesses and other organizations.

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