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The Business of Doing Good: The New Responsibility

The Good Business of Doing Good

Eco-products. 100% organic. Ecologically friendly. All-natural. Fair trade. Locally grown. Green. These labels — which indicate a company’s, brand’s, or product’s commitment to social responsibility — are rampant. Although the meaning of these labels is not always formally defined, or even entirely clear, a broad and growing base of consumers now look for, and buy, products that proclaim their virtue.

In June 2014, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) published “An Imperative for Consumer Companies to Go Green,” an article that addressed growing consumer concerns about responsible consumption.

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Millennials and Parenting: New Approaches in the Digital Age

Flickr_Michael Coghlan

The Millennial generation has delayed such traditional milestones as getting married and having children. Yet over the last decade, more than 20 million Millennials have become parents. And in the coming 10 to 15 years, tens of millions more will join them, leading to perhaps the biggest parenting generation in US history.

Soon to become the largest cohort of adults in the United States, the 80 million Millennials have been shaped by an array of forces — including the digital age, the lingering recession, and the unemployment of their teens or early adulthood — that earlier generations did not experience.

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Land of the Setting Sun: Japan’s Time Bomb

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Japan, the third largest economy in the world, is experiencing dramatic and potentially disastrous demographic shifts. Japan’s population, already old, is aging rapidly.

But in recent years, Japan has begun facing another demographic challenge: In addition to aging, the country’s total population has now begun shrinking. As a result of this overall decline, the senior share of the population is growing even more quickly. While the senior population continues to grow, the population of children and working-age adults is dropping.

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The Future of Cybercrime: Impact on Business


New technologies will enable an expanded set of cyberthreats, and by 2020 cybercrime will become a key driver shaping how the Internet is governed, how data is used and stored, and how countries, companies, and consumers engage with each other in cyberspace.

These are among the key conclusions of “Project 2020: Scenarios for the Future of Cybercrime,” a study by the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA), a global nonprofit concerned with cybercrime, in collaboration with Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency.Read more…