Briefs: Nanotechnology + Microtechnology

Biometrics Go Live: Applications for Consumers


Biometrics in the most general sense is the statistical study of biological phenomena. Biometric identification, often called simply “biometrics,” is a specific application of biometrics for determining or verifying the identity of an individual. Long described as an emerging technology, biometrics is now being implemented in a wide variety of applications and settings.

While there remains some skepticism about the scalability of biometrics to large numbers of users, biometrics is already in widespread use.

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UK Biodiversity: Future Threats and Opportunities


A two-day exercise in horizon scanning among UK policymakers, environmental scientists, science journalists and environmental NGOs has identified a list of 25 new potential challenges to UK biodiversity before 2050. Most of the issues present both hazards and opportunities for biodiversity. Read more…