Briefs: Middle East

Diabetes: The Price of Increasing Prosperity


The incidence of diabetes continues to expand globally. By 2025, diabetes sufferers are expected to compose 7% of the world’s population, and the global cost of diabetes treatment will reach $440 billion.

The rise in diabetes is driven in part by rising affluence. Risk factors for the disease include unhealthy diets that contribute to obesity, the aging of societies around the globe, and sedentary lifestyles; all of these factors are exacerbated by economic development.

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The Arab Digital Generation


Internet use is low but rising in the Arab world. One group is ahead of the curve, however: the so-called Arab digital generation. These young, enthusiastic users of information technology show distinct characteristics, both in their approach to IT and in other aspects of their lives. This brief examines the group, based on Understanding the Arab Digital Generation, a 2012 report produced through a collaboration between Booz and Co. and Google, and several supplemental sources.Read more…

Turkish Consumers: New Prosperity and Optimism


Turkey is a middle-income emerging market. A strengthening economy is bringing new prosperity to Turkish consumers, and the middle class is expanding. Its demographic profile, typical of upper World 2, features large youth cohorts that reinforce the country’s economic growth.

Turkey’s outlook and the values of its consumers are changing, too. Even as it continues discussions about entry into the EU, it is expressing a more organic identity that incorporates its Islamic roots and growing ties to the Middle East. Its consumers see their future with the EU, but are increasingly confident in Turkey’s independent regional role.

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Middle Eastern Entrepreneurs: A Start-Up Revolution?

MiddleEastEntrep_Alexandria Hackerspace Meetup - Mitch Altman

The Middle East is undergoing something of a revolution… an entrepreneurial revolution. Clusters of small, tech-focused startups are popping up in cities across the region in Amman, Beirut, Cairo, Dubai, Riyadh, and Gaza City.

This provides a bit of good news for the region amid its many longstanding challenges— ranging from political instability and the war in Syria, to high levels of unemployment and widespread corruption.

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