Briefs: Infotech

Media and Telecom Trends 2015

Mike Mozart

Each year, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited identifies what it sees as the most important trends in technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT). For the most part, Deloitte confines its forecasts in the annual TMT report to the near term, looking forward just 12 to 18 months.

Yet these near-term forecasts focus on areas that are likely to have significant medium- to long-term impacts for companies in TMT and other industries. For this reason, the Technology, Media, & Telecommunications Predictions 2015 report serves as a useful leading indicator of changes in tech-dependent industries that may have far-reaching implications.Read more…

The Future of Home Furnishings: Integrating Tech While Saving Space

homefurnishing_brett jordan_flickr

Changes in global lifestyles are posing new opportunities and challenges for manufacturers of consumer products. Shifts in where people are living and how they are living their lives, as well as the growing centrality of technology, for example, have altered their relationships with the objects in their homes, redefining what they want and need. What will happen over the next decade?

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Cyberspace and Cybersecurity to 2025: Three Scenarios


The next decade will see enormous growth in cyberspace: more people, more devices, more connectivity, more data. The expansion of connectivity offers abundant opportunities for businesses, governments, and individuals, but also significant risks, especially those related to cybersecurity.

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Wearable Computers: Ready for Action


Wearable computing has long been seen as a logical step in the integration of information technology with humans and their environment. But the promise of wearable computing has “remained largely unfulfilled despite decades of research driven by everyone from the military to DIYers.”

Now recent developments suggest that wearable computing may finally be gaining traction. For example, the announcement of the Google Glass wearable- computer project in 2012 spurred a great deal of popular interest in the field, with a variety of observers forecasting major product introductions and consumer adoption as soon as 2013 or 2014.

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