Briefs: Europe

The Future of Europe’s Instruments and Sensors Sectors


The EU’s instruments and sensors sector is facing an era of rapid change. Globalization, the emergence of low-cost competitors, a looming labor shortage, changing consumer values, and technological innovations in related fields are creating both opportunities and challenges. Though it may be difficult for firms in the sector to change, the future holds new opportunities for those looking to establish markets in emerging high-tech fields.Read more…

UK Biodiversity: Future Threats and Opportunities


A two-day exercise in horizon scanning among UK policymakers, environmental scientists, science journalists and environmental NGOs has identified a list of 25 new potential challenges to UK biodiversity before 2050. Most of the issues present both hazards and opportunities for biodiversity. Read more…

Eurozone Breakup: Possible Consequences


When the euro began circulating in 2002, it was seen as a great step forward in the economic and fiscal integration of EU members. Now it is a source of great divisiveness, as the EU struggles to manage economic crises within the confines of the euro.

Read more…